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Raratonga, “De Zingende Ziel der Dingen” (twee levens en een liefdesjaar in brieven): familiegeschiedenis. De hoofdwebsite is voorlopig nog afgesloten, maar een tiental hoofdstukken kan je al lezen via deze pagina.

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My name is Rombout Vercnocke, more a-Bout 😉 myself: go to:  Boutmanblog

Roadtrip Frankrijk, A61, Narbonne, Aire de Pech-Loubat, “Les Chevaliers Cathares”

Enclosed I roam from star to star,
I travel endlessly, I whisper and
my breath unfolds behind me as
a vale, a shooting star, a comet
on its way and growing, growing
with each light-year passing by,
O yes, there is much pleasure in this
roaming , it is creation of a Master
Plan and still this roaming is
continuing, and when from time
to time I reach the boundaries of
my confinement, I feel a sudden
shiver, as if some unseen hand is
there to push me back, or could it
be the vale behind that keeps on
coming back, I wonder. So here I
am, inside and out, no matter
how the journey goes, there always
will be worlds to enter and others
then to leave behind, the roaming
will continue , on and on, no
ending, no beginning, so is the
roaming in the Womb of Being,
the cavern of a Master’s plan.



Allerzielenvuur All Saints Fire

Allerzielenvuur All Saints Fire (subtitled) Rond de vuurtafel herdachten Hugo De Deken en ik in woord en zang alle Zielen, in naam van onze geliefde UFSAL decaan en “Glimlachende God” Bernard-Frans van Vlierden (auteur Bernard Kemp), veel te vroeg van ons heengegaan op 2 november 1980.


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Poetry collection of 64 poems in alphabetical order (146 pp).

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This collection of poems is my way to “create a healthy world from the womb”, a quote cited by Dr. Binu Singh (UPC KUL Leuven), infant- and childpsychiatrist.

Ps: there is a Dutch edition too, see the page “Poëzie“.

New poetry and/or prose (in Dutch, English or French) which is not yet published in the collection, can be found on the “blogpage“, the blog sidebar gives a summary of recent posts.

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