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Raratonga, “De Zingende Ziel der Dingen” (twee levens en een liefdesjaar in brieven): familiegeschiedenis


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Imagine a place where you can have everything you need, everything you want, immediately,  and without asking, and all this for free… I know such a place, we all know it, we all have been there: it’s our mother’s Womb.  So there is some truth in: “Heaven is a place on Earth”!  But let’s expand this idea: consider now the Universe and beyond as one giant Womb… isn’t that magic?

Drone footage of header video by PJ Ardies.


Enclosed I roam from star to star,
I travel endlessly, I whisper and
my breath unfolds behind me as
a vale, a shooting star, a comet
on its way and growing, growing
with each light-year passing by,
O yes, there is much pleasure in this
roaming , it is creation of a Master
Plan and still this roaming is
continuing, and when from time
to time I reach the boundaries of
my confinement, I feel a sudden
shiver, as if some unseen Hand is
there to push me back, or could it
be the vale behind that keeps on
coming back, I wonder. So here I
am, inside and out, no matter
how the journey goes, there always
will be worlds to enter and others
then to leave behind, the roaming
will continue , on and on, no
ending, no beginning, so is the
roaming in the Womb of Being,
the cavern of a Master’s plan.

About “the man behind” (or in!) The Womb, see:  Boutmanblog.

Roadmovie in the “Womb”:


“Drieman” in Knack

Knack Focus 01/04/2020 / Gert Meesters “Ferdinand Vercnocke, advocaat en dichter, werd na de Tweede Wereldoorlog veroordeeld omdat hij teksten had gepend voor ‘de meeste collaborerende publicaties’, aldus kleinzoon en stripauteur Wide Vercnocke. Toch is zijn Drieman een historische strip noch een klassieke familiegeschiedenis geworden. Dat is al van de eerste pagina’s duidelijk. In geen enkel …

“Drieman” in NRC Handelsblad

NRC Handelsblad (NL) online 26/03/2020 Stefan Nieuwenhuis Zoektocht naar verleden adembenemend in beeld gebracht Strips / In de poëtische graphic novel ‘Drieman’ probeert Wide Vercnocke te achterhalen wat zijn opa heeft bezield om te collaboreren met de Duitse bezetter. Drie mannen met dezelfde achternaam, drie opeenvolgende generaties. De jongste is een experimentele stripmaker, zijn vader …

“Drieman” in De Standaard

In “De Standaard” van 28 februari 2020 werd aandacht besteed aan het verschijnen van de nieuwste graphic novel van mijn jongste zoon Wide Vercnocke. (Videoverslag over de boekvoorstelling hiervan onderaan dit bericht). (Recensie & Interview door Jozefien Van Beek, foto’s: Jimmy Kets) Een overzicht: Binnenpagina’s “De Standaard der Letteren” Recensie: Oorlog, van vader op zoon …


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Poetry collection of 64 poems in alphabetical order (146 pp).  Publication date for the printed version foreseen “somewhere in the future”, pre-order possible via born@womb.be 🙂

You can already read by browsing through the e-book (not a final version, but close).

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Table of contents by title: pages 139ff, by first line: pages 143ff. 

There is a pre-order list if you want to be sure to receive a paper copy. Send an email to born@womb.be. Don’t worry: by sending your email you are in no way obliged to buy, it’s just to know whether there is enough interest.

Enjoy your reading!

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This collection of poems is my way to “create a healthy world from the womb”, a quote cited by Dr. Binu Singh (UPC KUL Leuven), infant- and childpsychiatrist.

Ps: there is a Dutch edition too, see the page “Poëzie“.

Image in header of this page taken in Nazaré, Portugal, with view on the ocean and my “womb on wheels”.