STUDIO REVOLUTION (started in 1977) & Radio Boutman

Studio Revolution & Boutman ‘on the road’

If you want to receive my radio show 🔊🎤🎧 (90 minutes 🎵, Nederlands/English, a reminder of the ancient cassette period) just send and email to radioboutman@womb.be. It’s chargefree & ad free, just music and Boutman talking. If you want to you can ask for a song you would like to hear, perhaps you have a special reason. You will get a WeTransfer link to download the program (1 file mostly 120MB). Your private radioshow, what are you waiting for? Use on your phone while jogging, or in the car on a road trip, etc. Listen once, twice three times… each time you will discover new gems. Music for all ages, sometimes also some classical pieces. Mostly the talking is in Dutch, now and then I do one in English. Frequency of programs: from once a year to monthly, depending on my “goesting” 😂😍

How it started…

Discobar anno 1978

Vintage “Bout Van Leuven” radio jingle voor “All aBout Night”, romance @ Radio Saventas in the 90ies (Steenokkerzeel / Kortenberg / Zaventem)

Boutman Party

Boutman Band performing “Sultans of Swing” (Dire Straits)


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