Heaven and Earth

Header image ©Han Boering (1943-2015)

This chapter is about the “I Ching”, the Chinese classical text, “The Book of Changes”. This ancient book (an oracle or divination text, but much more than that) is a powerful tool to help you on jour life’s journey and beyond.

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Voor Nederlands: hoofdstuk “I Tjing”

Worth watching and listening to is this inspiring interview with Dutch expert Han Boering (1943-2015), he proves that the I Ching is a book ‘for the ages’, and a lot of his thoughts, e.g. on coincidence, freedom, joy and resonance now seem prophetic. The interview is in Dutch with English subtitles. At the end I recite a poem I wrote for him. Interview & realisation is by P.J. Ardies, he taped  it at Han Boerings home in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, on February 25th, 2011.