“I’ mi son un che, quando
Amor mi spira, noto, e a quel modo
ch’e’ ditta dentro vo significando”
Dante, Purgatorio, XXIV, 52-54


Poetry collection of 64 poems in alphabetical order (146 pp).

Order information (no purchase obligation) via born@womb.be.

You can already read by browsing through the e-book (not a final version, but close). FREE download of the pdf file is possible, send an email to born@womb.be.

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Table of contents by title: pages 139ff, by first line: pages 143ff. 

There is a pre-order list if you want to be sure to receive a paper copy. Send an email to born@womb.be. Don’t worry: by sending your email you are in no way obliged to buy, it’s just to know whether there is enough interest.

Enjoy your reading!


This collection of poems is my way to “create a healthy world from the womb”, a quote cited by Dr. Binu Singh (UPC KUL Leuven), infant- and childpsychiatrist.

Ps: there is a Dutch edition too, see the page “Poëzie“.

New poetry and/or prose (in Dutch, English or French) which is not yet published in the collection, can be found on the “blogpage“, the blog sidebar gives a summary of recent posts.

Image in header of this page taken in Nazaré, Portugal, with view on the ocean and my “Womb On Wheels”, WOW.

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