During my professiional life I was a teacher at the Maria-Assumptalycem, a secondary school in Laken, a residential suburb in the north-western part of the Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium.
During the schoolyear 2001-2002 something happened before my very eyes, so wonderful an unbelievable, that since then, nothing in my life is the same anymore, I ‘see’ with different eyes, although these eyes are still the same since the moment of my birth, or even since the moment of my conception.

This is what happened.

During my morning ‘smoker’s walk’ outside the school in between two lessons during the 15 minutes coffee break, I noticed a pigeon ‘nesting’ there on the wall of the school in the C of Lyceum. Suddenly she flew away and immediately returned, and the following minutes she repeated this process of flying out and returning to sit on a letter for a while, but each time she settled on a different letter, when the bell rang and I had to go back to my teaching, she had ‘written’ the combination ‘TEMPUSUM’, all this took less than 5 minutes.
When I returned in class to teach (it was an all girls’ class) I told them what just happened, and they answered: ‘Of course sir, the bell rang, she wanted to warn you to return inside, because ‘it was TIME!’ 😂