The First WOMB looked like this, and it can still be visited!

Imagine a place where you can have everything you need, everything you want, immediately,  and without asking, and all this for free… I know such a place, we all know it, we all have been there: it’s our mother’s Womb.  So there is some truth in: “Heaven is a place on Earth”!  But let’s expand this idea: consider now the Universe and beyond as one giant Womb… isn’t that magic?

Drone footage of header video by PJ Ardies.


Enclosed I roam from star to star,
I travel endlessly, I whisper and
my breath unfolds behind me as
a vale, a shooting star, a comet
on its way and growing, growing
with each light-year passing by,
O yes, there is much pleasure in this
roaming , it is creation of a Master
Plan and still this roaming is
continuing, and when from time
to time I reach the boundaries of
my confinement, I feel a sudden
shiver, as if some unseen Hand is
there to push me back, or could it
be the vale behind that keeps on
coming back, I wonder. So here I
am, inside and out, no matter
how the journey goes, there always
will be worlds to enter and others
then to leave behind, the roaming
will continue , on and on, no
ending, no beginning, so is the
roaming in the Womb of Being,
the cavern of a Master’s plan.

About “the man behind” (or in!) The Womb, see:  Boutmanblog.

Roadmovie in the “Womb”:

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